ROI (Return on Investment) Optimization

Having a digital presence i.e. a website is an effective way for a store to be discoverable online. However it requires various steps like development, updation and discovery for it to be effective. The Jyotsna Creations website is easily updated by dynamic web portal.

Jyotsna Creations Technology ensures high discover-ability through its intelligent Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one of which is Location-Based-SEO.

Why Location-Based-SEO ?

Local SEO is becoming more challenging by the day. Google wants to make sure they deliver the most valuable sites to match a user request. If the user doesn’t specify a location, Google will then see if your intent was to actually look for a local business.

If you are a business that trades from a local address then you can try and get yourself featured in the local pack, but this isn’t always straightforward and can sometimes entail a period of citation building in order to pass the right signals to Google.

What do you then do if you need to be found for a location search but without a physical address? You have amazing data to share with the World, but you are consigned to the bottom half of the first page, if you’re lucky.

If you aren’t a part of the local pack (or buying ads) then chances are you will be ‘below-the-fold’ for local organic results. But how do you see just where you sit? Are you even on the first page? Google has made many changes that impact local search results, including basing results on your search location. This means that what you see in Manchester, probably isn’t going to be what someone sat in Birmingham would see.

You could try and get around this by using one of the many free proxy browsing services, but lots of companies ban access to these because they allow a way to get past blacklists. Even if you can gain access, you are unlikely to find one in the location you wish to search from.

Jyotsna Creations provides you with the following benefits

1. A well designed dynamic business website than be can created in few minutes and updated very easily via web dynamic portal.
2. Get discovered via this business website on Google/Bing and Yahoo search engine.
3. A way to keep in touch with your existing customers who subscribe up via email or mobile number. This will help you engage with your existing customer increasing loyalty and brand recall.

Till date what we achieved

  • Our product performance is more than 97%
  • Customers likes our Product Experience
  • Customers are friendly with the Manage Portal and 83% Customers updating their site twice in a week.
  • Customer renewal rate is 92% (calculated by monthly plan)
  • Our product Advertro Radar with 100% site compilation is rank fast on search engines and updated daily can be discovered within 23 days in that geolocation.
  • We are growing very fast in an organized formats. Till now we have seventeen hundred plus customer base. Out of which 5% are multi-location customer (the product is Advertro Satellite)
  • We got 20 plus customer review and cash study (will share shortly) and much more in this series.

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